Bob Gottfried, PhD

Bob GottfriedA clinical director with nearly 25 years of experience in his field, Bob Gottfried currently serves as an experienced therapist in Toronto, Canada. His specialties include neuro-cognitive treatment of attention, memory and learning disorders as well as stress and anxiety disorders. He holds a PhD in counseling and was one of the first clinicians to introduce advanced technologies such as biofeedback and neurofeedback in Toronto. Bob Gottfried went on to develop a neuro-cognitive program to treat various cognitive disorders.

After 10 years of extensive research, Bob Gottfried developed a series of unique, patented programs for successfully treating attention and learning disorders (ADD/ADHD/LD)

These include memory disorders as well cognitive impairments related to concussion, head/brain injuries and stroke. Gottfried also implemented an uncommon program for individuals interested in developing peak mental performance by significantly enhancing focus, attention, all aspects of memory, as well as effectiveness and speed of cognitive processing.

Bob Gottfried donated his first treatment program to the Olive Branch for Children. The Olive Branch for Children is a village in Tanzania that treats children with learning disabilities. His efforts are constantly  to help under-privileged children dedicated especially those from third world countries to learn and complete their education.

Bob Gottfried is now preparing a special program that will enable clinicians as well as educators use his programs to treat children and adults with attention deficits and learning disabilities.

What makes this intensive work enjoyable is seeing a child or an adult coming to the clinic with all kinds of difficulties that impair their ability to function well academically or generally in life, and see them go through the process until they reach a level of performance that dramatically improves their well being and their outcomes in life. – Bob Gottfried

Bob Gottfried is known for his written work, Shortcut to Spirituality, Mastering the Art of Inner Peace (Deeper Dimension Publishing). He is an avid writer and has composed articles about Attention Deficit Disorders, Dyslexia Asperger’s Syndrome, Executive Functions Disorder, Central Auditory Processing Disorders, Memory Disorders and more. His work not only emphasizes his belief in advancing the wellbeing of our society, but also his passion for the up and coming generation. Children represents the future and they will need to tackle some difficult conditions in terms of the environment and social challenges. Gottfried dedicated significant time to providing today’s younger generation with new tools to solve various cognitive difficulties.

The only way this new generation can make a change is if they have a strong value system that will support taking some stronger measures.

At the beginning of his career Bob Gottfried specialty was mainly working with adults. Gradually, Gottfried started treating children as well.

If you can save people from experiencing difficulties in life, why not do it from an early age?

It’s about building a good foundation. The problem is that parents are not given a user manual when their kids are born. Parents make lots of mistakes, which is quite natural, so Gottfried continues to educate parents on how to take proper care of their children. During his spare time, Bob Gottfried enjoys photography and cinematography and has produced a few short films that deal with different aspects of parenting.Gottfried utilizes various outlets to educate parents on how to help their children lead a more balanced and fulfilled life.